Addressing Negative Reviews

NEGATIVE REVIEWS…let’s just discuss them

In the 5 years that I have been breeding, I only know of a handful of negative reviews that have been published of Double U Doodles.
The best way I know to handle a negative reviews is to just discuss them. Transparency breeds trust. That is my goal.
I broke down most of the review in the reel…but there are a few things I couldn’t fit in but want to touch on.

“It was definitely very rural.”

Liberty, South Carolina- the place I call home is a quiet town that sits at the foot of the Appalachian mountains. It is nestled between the town of Clemson, SC and the city of Greenville which is usually in the top of all the “best places to visit/live/retire” lists.
We live on a 100 acres and have a nearly 180 degree view of the mountains. The sunsets are as beautiful as I have ever seen.

So, yea, it is rural. The writer must be a city girl. 😝 I couldn’t help it.

“They brought the puppies to a separate location.”

Yea, until our new nursery is complete, we are working out of two locations. The new nursery will accommodate customers to walk through and see EVERYTHING. Again, transparency is my goal and we are getting so close.

“They listed the go home date well before 8 weeks.”

That is a little misleading…I used to plan go homes on the Friday after the puppy turned 7 weeks. I have since changed that to the Friday after they turn 8 weeks as we begin breeding smaller sizes. They need an extra week in the nursery.

“They never seemed to know the names of the puppies.”

We identify puppies by moms name + collar color + gender. Ex. Jewel’s White Collar Male who we named “Jet”. So when you call and ask about Jet, please forgive us if we need to confirm that Jet is, in fact, Jewel’s White Collar Male so we do not make a mistake.

Feel free to read the full review here >>>

Thank you for listening to my point of view-
Becca (your breeder)