Sheepadoodles – The Good, The Bad, and The Fluffy


The Good:

  • Sheepadoodles have the most personality. They are famous for their panda bear shaggy coat, their bear like gate, and their goofy nature. They are intelligent they are thinkers. Because they are loyal, loving and have an instinct to watch over and protect (their sheep) and do well with kids, they are an excellent choice for a family pet or a
    companion. With proper training and socialization, they’ll do anything for you and anything with you.

The Bad:

  • Sooooo….all those good traits are nice and all, but let’s be honest and discuss their quirks. All breeds have them and you should be educated on what those are before adopting.
  • My mom, an accountant, always says, “Your greatest assets are also your greatest liabilities.” She applied this, not only to finances, but also to life. And guess what?! It also applies to dogs! You see, you don’t get the goofiness from the Sheepadoodle without getting a little stubbornness. Afterall, the stubbornness is what makes their
    goofiness come out. They may tend to be a little obsessive- but the obsessiveness is portrayed in how loving and loyal they are to their humans….and their toys

The Fluffy:

  • Grooming: Every 4-8 weeks. Brushing the areas prone to matting a few times per week will extend your groom time
  • Purple shampoo is useful in brightening up their white fur.
  • Colors: Black/White/Merle
  • Curl: Straight, Wavy, Curly
  • Shedding: low to non-shedding



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