Why Do Our Puppies Cost So Dang Much!?

Why do our puppies cost so dang much?

So, this is totally a fair question.  It is a question that I actually like to answer.  Most folks, usually a man, ask this question with a half chuckle, not expecting an actual response.  They assume the obvious answer is “because I like money” therefore I’ll find a way not to answer.  But much to their surprise, I proceed to take the next 15 minutes blowing their freaking minds as I share all that we put into raising our puppies and caring for our parents. I enjoy watching their expression retreat from one of condescension to confusion….and then to one of understanding and respect for what I do.

I can’t speak for all breeders, only myself, but here is why our puppies cost so dang much.  At Double U Doodles, our moms are our priority.  My philosophy is this… “if mama aint happy, nobody aint happy.”  If I can’t afford to care for mom the way she deserves to be cared for, I do not want to do this.  Period.  There is a direct correlation between how well cared for mom is and how happy and healthy her puppies are.  Moms at Double U Doodles receive the highest caliber care at our nursery.  Anything they need, they get.  My team is devoted to making sure mama is happy and has everything she needs during her prenatal period.  Mom is monitored meticulously through the labor and delivery process with on-call vet care just a call away.  Mom and puppies are cared for 7 days a week by trained puppy nurses each with multiple years of experiences in whelping puppies.  A puppy doesn’t drop an ounce in our nursery without us knowing…not an exaggeration.  

So, let me stop there for a second and go off on a tangent.  Everyone’s worst fear when adopting a puppy is that they are going to get (1) scammed or (2) adopt from a breeder (who is an idiot) with less than ethical breeding practices.  Well guess what?!   Pups from those breeders are probably going to cost about half of what mine do.  Those breeders are probably raising their pups in a dang bathroom with no outdoor access to potty (which means house training is going to be a nightmare!!!!) or worse which I don’t even want to think about.  I can tell you how hard it is to keep puppies happy, healthy, clean and thriving.  You can’t do it in a bathroom…at least not to our standards you can’t.

Back on track…our whelp rooms are set up so that they function well for each developmental stage for the puppy.  From early neurological stimulation exercises with each puppy everyday, to startle desensitization, to puppy enrichment time, each stage is structured to help the puppies reach their full potential.  For example, as soon as they are old enough, around 5 weeks, our pups are taught to pee and poop outside!  This is their instinct…they want to potty away from where they sleep.  Not giving them access to the outside is only making YOUR job of house training more difficult.  

One more thing and then I’ll stop…most breeders get into breeding thinking all of their pups will find homes by 8 weeks old.  When I started, I knew that wouldn’t always be the case.  Remember that I said I have to be able to afford to care for mama the way she deserves to be cared for or I do not want to do this.  The same is the case for my 8+ weekers.  These guys deserve to continue their journey to becoming the best dog ever.  If I can’t afford to give them what they deserve, once again, I don’t want to do this.  All my 8+ weekers start training…crate, leash, obedience and continued socialization.  The care, attention, love, socialization and progress does not slow down for my puppies after 8 weeks. 


Becca with puppy

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