Puppy Match Application

Why let us match you?

We interact with the puppies daily and learn their personalities as they emerge. Puppies personalities develop between 5-8 weeks of age. My staff and I are able to determine the leaders, the laid back crew, and snugglers.

Fill out the Puppy Match Application and we will respond to you for a brief phone interview to further understand what your puppy preferences are.

Should we currently have a puppy, or puppies, that match your requests, we will provide you with their information, including photos and videos. At that point, you may choose to adopt a puppy from the information provided or schedule an in person meet and greet with the puppies.

Should we not have any puppies available matching your preferences, or timing is not right for your family, we will recommend a future litter(s) that best fits your requests. At that time, you may choose to place a deposit on our master waiting list for a future puppy.

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