Meet Our Team

The Double U Doodles Team is a busy one, so while our family is very hands on, it takes a team to take care of these little balls of fur. We work 24-7-365, keeping our pups healthy, feeding them, exercising them, training them, giving them treats and cleaning up their poop. (It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.)

Double U Doodles - About


I am Rebecca and I am your Sheepadoodle, Goldendoodle and Bernadoodle breeder. I am a nurse practitioner and spent years caring for people in emergency rooms before I realized that dog breeding was my passion. I am the person that gets to birth your puppy and love and care for them until they go home to you. I mean, does it get any better than that?

"Breeding might just be the perfect combination of 3 things my heart loves most."

One, of course, is dogs and puppies. How can you not love puppies? But the mamas are so so special. I get to bond with them in such a powerful way as they deliver and raise their puppies. I get to watch them mature after their first litter of pups and become wiser and more confident in themselves as if motherhood made them stronger. Each parent dog’s quality of life is key. It is okay for them to have a purpose- but they must be living their best life while they are doing their job. Taking great care of our parent dogs is a priority at Double U Doodles. They are happy, healthy, and well socialized so your pups are happy, healthy and well socialized.

The second is being a caregiver. My mom says I have always been a caregiver, and I found my passion when I found nursing. When I graduated from Nurse Practitioner School and left being a Registered Nurse in a level 1 Trauma Center, I found myself in an Internal Medicine Office. This was obviously not as crazy as the ER, but it certainly had its moments of adrenaline and posed its own challenges. It was there that I really got to do another thing that I love, and that is caring for elderly men, or grandpas? I just love them and I can’t help it. I am unapologetically partial to sweet old men. They just make me happy! (I even love the grumpy old men. Most of them have earned their right to be grumpy.)

The third thing (what my heart loves most) is being a mom. (This may or may not be in order of importance. Depends on the day?!) My husband and I have been married 12+ years and have 2 daughters that keep us on our toes. This career path allows me to be home when I need to be home, and I am so thankful for that. I am so glad that my job is to take care of my patients which are dogs, and I get to do it at my home. The only thing that could make my job more perfect is if I opened a coffee shop in our puppy nursery so the old men would come hang out with me every morning… Seriously, I would!

So…if you want to know why I am a dog breeder, these are the reasons why. Or, if anyone has ever wondered why I left the field of nursing (which required 6 years of college) now you know. I am so blessed and thankful that I have the privilege of being your breeder!


I’m not gonna sugar coat it, the first time I heard about a Sheepadoodle- I actually thought “Sheep A Doodle? That’s like some sort of cat right?” Then I met Brutus. I love that dog.

"My roots are in Saluda South Carolina on a farm, just like my father, my grandfather and his father before him. "

I have an entrepreneurial heart, so I’ve also had the chance to build a few successful companies outside of life on the farm.

We aren’t Hollywood here- there is an honesty to what we do. We are highly educated and believe in building trust. Dog breeding connects my passion for business with my passion for building a great life for my family. Some call it being restless, and some call it being driven, but I will always be aiming to achieve. I’ve never been satisfied to rest because there is always more to do. Double U Doodles keeps me busy day in and day out, and Brutus rarely leaves my side. Iam so grateful for the life I have… the life that my family has. We are blessed just by being born in the USA.


I started working with Nick on a different business venture before I became part of the Double U Doodles Team. I had worked with the family for a few years and was impressed by Becca’s medical background. The company is very family-oriented but things are done right- held to a higher standard. That suited me because I grew up in a family that was passionate about dogs, business and family.

My Mother was a breeder in the 1970s. She raised boxers and labs and was very involved in field trials. I have always had the ability to read dogs and have my own way of dealing with them- a connection. I grew up bird hunting so I know a smart dog… and these dogs are smart. Sitting at 10 weeks, and crate training easily. If I have learned one thing in life it’s this: how you make people feel is what really matters. That’s what we do here at Double U Doodles, we make people feel good by raising well-trained, healthy, curious pups for their family.


Carlie joined the Double U Doodles team in 2020. She is completing her degree in veterinary technology. When not going to class, covering weekend shifts or delivering puppies, Carlie devotes much of her time and love to the mama and daddy dogs. She does the majority of the grooming and ensures the adults get all the exercise, love, monthly/annual medications, among so many other things. Carlie is always willing to roll up her sleeves and do anything for the dogs. She brings a lot to our team and we are lucky to have her!

Nick and I have been blessed with the opportunity to create a life in which our commitment to family, community, love of animals and passion for sustainable living has made it possible to raise beautiful happy pups for their forever families. We’ve just finished building our ‘new digs’ and this incredible home and state of the art dog breeding facility helps us do what we do best… take care of these sweet pups and their parents. We would love to show you around sometime!