Let’s Talk – Older Puppies

8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, Oh My!!

I get asked this often, “What do you do if your puppies aren’t sold by 8 weeks?” My answer is TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! The puppies are learning so much during the first 16 weeks of their lives so training cannot stop! The Double U Doodles team is committed to ensuring that EVERY puppy receives the proper love, care, training, socialization, and attention until they find their purpose in this world.

  • After 8 weeks, the focus for our pups is TRAINING, ROUTINE AND STRUCTURE. They received daily crate training, daily socialization time, leash training, obedience training, in house routine vet care, and in house routine grooming.
  • There are several perks to adopting an older puppy….here they go:
    • The single biggest perk to adopting one of our older puppies is that HOUSE TRAINING IS MUCH EASIER! We doggy door train the pups at 5 weeks to POTTY OUTSIDE! We do not let them pick up any bad potty habits in their time with us. So by the time they are 12 weeks old, house training is much easier and you will have much fewer accidents!
    • The CRATE TRAINING should be a breeze. A night or two of getting used to their new home is all you should have to deal with when you adopt an older puppy.
    • Skip all those puppy visits to the vet! By 16 weeks, your puppy will be FULLY VACCINATED and ready to romp and play anywhere you want to go.
  • When puppies stay with us longer, we get to further evaluate their TEMPERAMENTS – Once we learn their unique personality traits, we can start seeking the perfect match for them. For example, when we have a pup with an exceptional temperament and has mastered our basic training program, we often placed this pup in a home with seeking a service animal.

Puppy Love,
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