Get to Know Your Breeder

When I purchased my first sheepadoodle, I found it really frustrating to find out information about WHO I was buying my puppy from. It should be easy to know who you are buying your puppy from. With that in mind, I would like to tell you about myself, my family and our farm.

My husband (Nick) and I are born and raised in South Carolina. Nick is an outdoorsman and entrepreneur who grew up on a farm as part of a multi-generational farming family. As a family Nurse Practitioner, I cared for humans for a long time before I began taking care of puppies. Most of my background is in emergency medicine, which comes in quite handy for the birthing process and for dog care in general.Double U Doodles is more than breeding for me and my family- it’s a way of life. When we say that we are committed 24-7-365 to our pups, we are not kidding. Our family lives on hundred acre farm with a state of the art kennel and nursery facility. We eat, sleep and play in constant contact with our fur family- and we have the most amazing team of nurses and trainers who work with us too. Our daughters often do their schoolwork with a pup in their lap and our Mumma and Dad dogs play a big part in our family’s everyday life.
Family photo with dog