Socialization, Desensitization and Potty Training

Overview of Puppy Schedule

Birth: Weight gain is our priority. The puppies are weighed twice a day until they have surpassed their birth weight and then some.

Weeks 1-3: Early neurological stimulation (ENS) is the focus during these weeks. Puppies are held daily. During the ENS exercises, puppies are held upright, upside-down and on their backs. We rub their belly, paws, tail, ears, etc. getting them used to this sensation of touch.  Read more about the benefits of ENS here >>>

Weeks 3-5: Desensitizing is the focus. During this time period, we focus on exposing the puppies to different sounds and textures. They are introduced to concrete, carpet, grass and mulch surfaces. They are also exposed to sounds like vacuum cleaners, blenders, doors opening/closing, music, etc.

Weeks 5-8: Weaning, crate training and doggy door training is the focus! This is when your puppy learns to be a big puppy! We begin WEANING the puppies from mom and letting them eat puppy mash/kibble. We also teach the puppies to use the doggy door so they can POTTY OUTSIDE. It is their natural instinct to do this. We do not teach them to use a litter box or pee pads. This simply teaches them to potty on something square inside….that would be your rugs! We can’t have that!  Puppies also begin spending 1-2 hours per day CRATE TRAINING in their individual crates so they will be more comfortable in the crate when they go home!

Weeks 8-10: Time to enroll in our extended crate training! We teach your puppy to love their crate. Puppies go home knowing that their crate is their safe place, they have figured out how to self soothe, and realize chilling in the crate isn’t so bad after all!.

Weeks 10-12: Time to enroll in extended training!  From leash and basic obedience training to in-home PUPPY BOOT CAMP! We can teach your puppy manners and help get you started on the right track!

One of our happy families picking up their beautiful Goldendoodle puppy for the first time

Health Guarantee

All of Double U Doodles puppies are guaranteed against genetically inherited diseases because we DNA test our parents! That includes a lifetime guarantee for the following genetic conditions: Degenerative Myleopathy, Neonatal Encelopathy with Seizures, Progressive Retinal Atrophy type 1 and 2, Progressive Rod/Cone degeneration, GM2 Gangliocidosis, Osteochondrodysplasia, and Von Willebrand disease. Our puppies are also stimulated from birth using Puppy Culture and ENS protocols. That means you’re getting a healthy and well socialized puppy with a great temperament. Our pups have had vet visits for shots and complete physicals, but all new pups should visit their forever family’s personal vet when they get home (within 3 days of purchase.) With proper care (raised inside a home), diet and basic obedience training, we guarantee your dog will have a gentle disposition and sweet temperament. Double U Doodles offers lifetime support for all puppies, so please contact us right away if you find that you must re-home a puppy/dog purchased from us. Ready to find your newest furry family member?

Read our Health Guarantee.