Guardian Home Information

Double U Doodles is always looking for qualified guardian homes for our dogs. What is a guardian home? Here are the basics: we give your family a dog or puppy (usually for free) and, in exchange, Double U Doodles will breed them a pre-determined number of times. Once the dog is no longer breeding, he/she is yours and yours only. This is a great way to get a high quality, pick of the litter dog or puppy for no up front cost. If you think your family may be a good guardian home for one of our dogs/puppies, please fill out the application. We will contact you via email and will then set up a time to speak on the phone. Before applying, please read over the following guardian home agreement to see what is involved in in this guardian relationship.

Basic Guardian Home Requirements

  • Live within 200 miles of Pickens, SC.
  • Must have a fenced in yard.
  • Must love and care for dog to Double U Doodles standards as specified in the agreement.
  • Responsible for all routine expenses (but not any breeding related expenses).


Double U Farms, LLC b/d/a Double U Doodles (“Breeder”) has established a Guardian Home Program that, pursuant to this agreement (“Agreement”) grants qualified families/individuals (“Guardian”) guardianship of a breeding female or male puppy/dog for a period of time, at the end which the Guardian shall take ownership of the dog.

In consideration of and pursuant to the covenants, obligations, and mutual promises set forth below, Breeder hereby grants to Guardian, and Guardian hereby accepts from Breeder, custody of a dog for breeding purposes.

This agreement shall terminate, and the Guardian shall take ownership of the dog, as follows:  for females, after 4 successful breedings (successful breeding defined as 2 or more living puppies delivered) or when the female reaches 5 years of age, whichever occurs first; for males when the dog is 8 years old.

Guardian Responsibilities

  1. Guardian will provide home to dog with fenced yard and will keep dog in fenced yard or on leash at all times.  Guardian will never let dog outside the home unleashed unless dog is contained within a physical fence.  Dog will not be left outdoors during extreme weather conditions and will never be chained.
  2. Guardian will notify Breeder 30 days in advance of change of address or move, and must stay within 200 miles of Pickens, SC.
  3. Guardian will inform Breeder of vacations or planned absences in which the dog may be unavailable to the breeder which must be approved by the Breeder.  Any person caring for the dog in the Guardian’s absence must be approved in advance by the Breeder.  Guardian is responsible for ensuring that all persons residing with Guardian and dog understand and abide by the terms of this Agreement.
  4. Guardian is responsible for properly maintaining, containing, training and caring for the dog using methods approved by the Breeder.  Dog must be trained with and obey basic commands for sit, stay, come, and down.
  5. Guardian agrees to feed TLC Pet Food and exercising the dog daily.  Dog will not be fed excessive treats or allowed to become overweight.
  6. Guardian will provide Breeder with the name, address and telephone numbers for their veterinarian which must be approved by the Breeder. Guardian will send Breeder copies of all exams and vet records immediately after the vet visits.  Guardian will provide and pay for all routine veterinary care including sick and well checkups and will inform Breeder of outcome of all vet visits (emailing vet reports and records if necessary).  Guardian will pay for required immunization boosters, rabies immunization, monthly heartworm preventative, monthly flea/tick preventative treatments and other routine health checkups and treatments.  Guardian will notify Breeder immediately with any health concerns, illnesses, accidents, etc.
  7. Guardian is responsible for seeking prompt and appropriate veterinary care in the event of injury or illness of the dog.  If choices need to be made regarding type of treatment, these choices must be presented to and made by the Breeder unless emergency treatment is required.  Guardian will be responsible for routine vet costs and treatment for accidents or injury that occur while Guardian is responsible for the dog. (All breeding related cost will be paid for by the Breeder.)
  8. Guardian will pay for and maintain the dog’s physical appearance with grooming, brushing, de-matting, and will keep nails clipped, and ears and teeth clean.
  9. Guardian will surrender dog to Breeder whenever requested and on occasions such as, but not limited to, breeding, whelping, and vet visits.  Guardian agrees to make the dog available to the Breeder at anytime as requested by the Breeder.
  10. Guardian will notify the Breeder immediately of any signs of heat cycle (swelling of vulva, bleeding, etc.).  Guardian will promptly check the dog for signs of beginning heat cycles anytime the Breeder requests guardian to do so.  The Guardian will notify Breeder when changes indicating impending heat cycles appear and Breeder will let Guardian know when to deliver the dog for breeding.  Guardian must make the dog available to Breeder on the date Breeder specifies.
  11. For whelping, Guardian will make dog available to the Breeder on date specified by Breeder (approximately 5-7 days before litter’s due date) and will pick up dog after the puppies are weaned (when the puppies are approximately 8 weeks of age, to be determined by Breeder).
  12. Guardian will allow the Breeder up to 4 successful breedings.  A “successful breeding” is a litter with more than 2 living puppies.  Breeder will determine the number of litters for this Agreement, not to exceed four litters. For Stud Guardians, Guardian will allow breeder to breed stud until stud is no older than 8 years old.
  13. Guardian may return the dog to Breeder at any time, for any reason, and this Agreement will be terminated.
  14. The Guardian shall not, during the course of this Agreement, nor at any time thereafter, directly or indirectly, in public or private, in any manner or in any medium whatsoever, deprecate, impugn or otherwise make any comments, writings, remarks, post on social media or other expressions that would, or could be construed to, disparage or defame the Breeder or its principals, nor shall the Guardian encourage or assist any other person, firm or company in so doing.
  15. Guardian agrees to not share or post any photos taken on Breeder’s property on the Guardian’s personal social media account(s) without approval of the Breeder.  All publicity relating to the Breeder must be pre-approved by the Breeder in writing.
  16. Guardian agrees to not sell a stud’s semen nor breed a stud to any dog other than that specified by the Breeder.  Guardian agrees to not breed the bitch to any stud other than that specified by the Breeder.
  17. Guardian is aware that if bitch becomes pregnant by any dog other than the one intended by the Breeder it will result in substantial financial loss incurred by the Breeder.  Guardian agrees to be diligent in keeping intact males away from bitches at all times but especially when the bitch is in heat.
  18.  Should the dog be spayed or neutered without the Breeders consent, the Guardian will owe the breeder $20,000 per breeding that is remaining in the Agreement (up to $80,000) and will be responsible for all legal fees.
  19. Breeder is not liable for any injuries to persons or property caused by the dog while in the care of the Guardian.  Guardian, on behalf of itself and its heirs, successors and assigns, hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Breeder and Breeder’s officers, agents, employees and members, from and against any claims and damages, including attorney’s fees and the costs litigation, which are incurred or suffered by Breeder officers, agents, employees and members any of the Seller Released Parties arising from or related to this Agreement or otherwise caused by the dog that is the subject of this Agreement.

Breeder Obligations

  1. Breeder will provide written instructions to Guardian regarding nutrition, training and veterinary care, and will be available to answer questions and help Guardian whenever needed to answer questions about care, medical conditions, food, training, etc.
  2. Breeder will make every effort to give Guardian a 24-hour notice prior to needing the dog for breeding or collection.
  3. Breeder will visit the Guardian home once a year.
  4. Breeder will approve of the Guardian’s choice of veterinarians.
  5. Breeder will retain sole ownership of the dog until the end of the Guardian Home Agreement period.
  6. Upon conclusion of this Agreement, Guardian is financially responsible for having the dog Spayed/Neutered and must provide veterinary documentation proving the Spay/Neuter has been completed.  Spay/Neuter must be completed before ownership will be transferred to the Guardian.  Legal ownership of the dog will be transferred from Breeder to Guardian at that time.
  7. If the dog dies while in the Breeder’s care, Breeder will provide, free of charge, a replacement Guardian dog/puppy and the Guardianship relationship may be continued.  Should the guardian not want to continue the Guardianship relationship, the Breeder owes the Guardian no financial compensation and is not obligated to provide a replacement dog/puppy to the Guardian.
  8. Prior to the end of the Agreement, if it is determined by the Breeder that it is in the best interest of the Breeder or the dog that the dog be spayed and taken out of the breeding program, then legal ownership of the dog will be transferred to the Guardian after spaying (at Guardian’s expense).


Guardian Home Application

    Can you afford to pay for dog food and routine grooming?*

    Do you have a fenced in yard?*

    Are you willing to keep your guardian dog inside the home and not leave him/her outside unattended?*